Definition of New Dimension - VibraCussorTM Percussion Instrument:

Percussion is a new treatment modality for those who suffer from musculoskeletal pain and Myofascial trigger syndrome. It is non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that may serve as a therapeutic alternative to trigger point and epidural injections or to be used when other treatments have failed. Performed on an outpatient basis, the New Dimension VibraCussorTM Percussion Instrument carries little or no risk and is relatively comfortable.
Suitable candidates for VibraCussorTM Percussion Instrument:

Individuals who suffer from musculoskeletal pain and local tenderness in areas characteristic for individual muscles or that characterize Myofascial trigger syndrome, and in those who experience referred pain in a distribution specific for the individual muscle. The "trigger" or affected area of muscle is firm or hard to palpation; sometimes it has a ropy consistency and may appear contracted or in spasm.
The following general indications and contraindications for vibratory and related therapies to determine patient selection inclusion and exclusion criteria are recommended as guidelines.

- Adhesions
- Congestion
- Lymphatic Impairment
- Myalgia
- Post exertion muscle fatigue
- Trigger point
- Spasticity

- Advance heart disease if debilitated patient
- Spinal instability - INCLUDES osteoporosis
- Over malignant lesions or areas of cancer
- Over eyes, recent fractures, recent surgical areas, or extremely tender areas
- Over sensitive or broken skin areas -includes abscesses
- Thrombophlebitis - AKA acute phlebitis (actually this may be a chronic condition)
- Areas of hemorrhage - includes hematoma & acute inflammatory conditions
- On the cervical spine if the patient has a history of detaching retina or if the patient has had surgery in that area and the percussor causes pain.
- The abdomen of a pregnant woman

Clinical benefits of VibraCussorTM Percussion Instrument
Percussion Instrument clinical benefits are believed to increase the amount of blood and lymphatic circulation by its primary kinetic action. Its general physiological effects are attributed to the primary action of vibration, under whose classification one can include forms of percussion, which affects an increase in circulation and lymphatic flow, and a decrease in systemic nervous tension and general or local muscle spasm.

The clinical benefits of the New Dimension VibraCussorTM Percussion Instrument can reduce or eliminate the frequency and intensity of Myofascial trigger syndrome and musculoskeletal pain, decrease the need for pain medication and greatly improve the ability to participate in activities of normal daily living.
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