Manual and DVD’s

Dr. Alan Creed’s Neural Kinetic Integration Workshop in a DVD format. This selection includes over 13 hours of instructional material spanning 6 DVD’s, and a 134 page manual.

Dr. Creed demonstrates the use of both the ArthroStim® and VibraCussor® instruments with his breakthrough innovation of Continuous Motion Adjusting™.
Continuous Motion Adjusting™ creates a steady stream of afferent information throughout a segment’s entire range of motion. This provides the brain with a functional ‘movie’ update of an area rather than a static ‘snapshot’.

The Creed Neural-Kinetic Integration Technique covers a broad spectrum of applications including: correcting subluxations; postural modification; regulation of organ function; flushing and resetting of soft tissues and balancing energy patterns.

Patients stand taller, move more freely, breathe deeper, feel and look younger. They greatly appreciate the ‘anti-aging’ effects produced by Dr. Creed’s technique. Additionally this instrument-assisted approach enables a practitioner to reduce wear and tear on their own body and increase their personal energy reserves.

Cervicobrachial plexus and lumbosacral plexus pain diminishment adjustments. The Priceless Shortcuts DVD is for those doctors that already appreciate the concept of biomechanics functional enhanced capacity these are the process that one can adjust a patient with the neurology and the structural re-facilitation's of joints and muscles. As they pertain to the necessary and required functional actions that the body requests at any given time; due to the work that it must achieve. This program is set in a clinical setting wherein the doctor is able to observe the differences both pre and post-adjustment for structure, anterior head translation correction, postural control and better bio-mechanics for a more proper healing process to occur with the patient. This is a high skill set for the doctor to observe with great appreciation from your patients.

101 ways to use the Red Rib Head Adjuster.

Talk about 1978 worked with instrument adjusting, called one of the foremost authorities in instrument adjusting. For the profession Dr. Creed has created adjusting manuals along with series of DVD’s of instructional and functional applications that provide a greater skill set to the practitioner that learn the Creed’s Neural Kinetic Integration Technique
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