A Chiropractors Tool Kit

I believe the modern chiropractor should have a variety of helpful instruments and equipment for the benefit of his patients and him/herself. An essential core would consist of ArthroStim Adjusting Instrument, VibraCussor Instrument, Non-contact Infrared DT-25 scanner, Inclinometer, SOT blocks, elevation all electric drop table with elevation headpiece, Tupper-wedge, micro-currents, flexion/distraction table, and inter-segmental traction table.
The ArthroStim, an electrical, mechanical unit, allows the doctor to deliver a precision adjustment with a very light to a very strong force, using various attachments, be it a single stylus, or bifurcated head, in order to be specific in making full contact with the vertebra. The instrument operates between 12 and 14 cycles per second, bypassing the nociceptors which register pain. This instrument also permits motion during the adjustment phase, to improve range of motion with patient participation. The varying impulse control and different attachments permit specificity and comfort for both the doctor and the patient and allows the doctor to adjust infants, elderly and the mainstream population. The outcomes are almost immediate and long lasting.

The VibraCussor is used for soft tissue and organ stimulation, as well as for setting proprioceptive beds that allow for greater motion.

The DT-25 scanner is an Infrared Non-contact Thermal Reporting system that takes 20 seconds to perform a scan of a patient, while producing a hard copy for your records. It depicts areas and regions that need addressing, and monitors an adjustment procedure pre and post. It is the most affordable scanner of its kind and, in my opinion, the best. The Tupper-wedge is a rubberized hand-fitting manual instrument used to adjust the thoracic area for anteriorities with the patient in a supine position. This device is designed to save the doctor's hand and wrist and add comfort to the patient during the adjustment. When tissue is injured, the normal electrical resting potential of a cell is reduced. During mitotic division, it has been found that micro-currents will raise the resting potential of the cell to its near normal 70mv, and enhance the quality of new tissue being laid down. This improves and hastens the healing process. The elevation, all electric drop table has an elevation headpiece, along with movable thoracic and lumbar sections for patient setup. I also use a range-of-motion collar, for both myself and the patient, to note the progress pre- and post-adjustment. Within my seminar series, I demonstrate the application of the above noted instruments and equipment along with the techniques I employ.

These instruments are used not only for the adjusting advantage, but, also, to save the doctor's body. Dr. Alan Creed has been practicing for 22 years as a chiropractic physician and, presently, maintains a practice in Coral Gables, FL. He was mentored by the masters in the chiropractic profession and has expanded his knowledge and experience through lecturing and teaching for many years in the United States and Europe. Dr. Creed's seminar program for advanced chiropractic hundreds of doctors. Dr. Creed also publishes a best selling 14-hour video library and a pictorial manual on adjusting techniques, using instruments based on spinal biomechanics and neurophysiology.

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